British national's body found in bag

British national's body found in bag

Investigators find several injury marks

The decomposed body of a 40-year-old British national, bearing several injuries that include burn marks, was discovered by locals wrapped in a plastic bag at south-east Delhi’s Bhogal on Sunday morning.

 Police are, however, apprehensive about his identity that was revealed from a passport in his possession. They are investigating if the passport is genuine and not placed along with his body to mislead investigations.

The discovery was made at about 9 am on Sunday by two security guards employed at a car workshop. Many others too had noticed the bag, but had ignored it considering it to be garbage meant for disposal. Their attention was drawn to a strong and foul smell emanating from something wrapped in a blue plastic bag very close to the workshop in Church Road.

The guards Sher Singh and Raghu Raj tried to open the bag, but found it difficult as it was neatly wrapped and tightly closed. 

When they finally managed to open it, they discovered a decomposed body of a well-built man with his limbs folded to fit the body in the bag.

Police reached the spot soon and took over the body. “A passport bearing the identity of a British national was found in one of the pockets of the victim. We are in the process of contacting the British Embassy for more details on his background,” a senior police officer told Deccan Herald. 

As of now, the victim has been identified as Rodick Andrew Reymond.

Police are also trying to verify the authenticity of the passport in the possession of the victim who appears to be of African origin. 

Given the extent to which the body had decomposed, police estimate he was killed about three-four days ago.

“There are several injuries on his body and his face appears to be targeted particularly. There are burn marks on his cheeks and chin, probably inflicted with cigarettes or a lighter. It appears he was tortured before or after death,” said the officer adding that police are waiting for the post-mortem report for the exact cause of his death.

Locals have been questioned, but no one has come forward yet to say they witnessed anyone dumping the body there. 

Meanwhile, various guest houses and hotels in the area are being checked to see if any person with a matching identity lived there. Many people from the African community take shelter at plenty of small guest houses in the area.

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