No respect for road rules

No respect for road rules

No respect for road rules
Though the Bangalore Traffic Police have erected new barricades at several places in the City, including MG Road and Vittal Mallya Road, none of them are fastened together.

These barricades can be moved and pedestrians are seen pushing aside these and crossing the road where there is no zebra crossing. 

The barricades are also not placed back in the same position. This can put themselves and others in danger.

The stand-alone barricades are not only dangerous for the oncoming traffic but also to pedestrians. 

In an effort to prevent people from moving these barricades, the Bangalore Traffic Police were supposed to replace temporary ones with mozzo barricades wherein the barricades are interlinked and cannot be separated from each other. 

But these haven’t been put yet. 

The traffic police say that these are only temporary measures and will be replaced by medians, which will be constructed by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).  

B Dayananda, additional commissioner of police (traffic), says that mozzo barricades will be stationed at prominent junctions across the City. 

“But these barricades are only a stop-gap arrangement. The exorbitant cost is what is preventing us from buying them in bulk. The BBMP has to construct medians where these barricades are placed. Increasing the height of the median will prevent people from crossing the roads.”

He says that he has noticed people removing these barricades and crossing the road. 

“There’s no doubt that such crossings will cause accidents. We will certainly look into this issue and address it at the earliest,” he adds. 

M Lakshminarayana, commissioner, BBMP says that they have coordinated with Bangalore Traffic Police to construct medians wherever necessary. 

“We will construct medians wherever necessary. Medians are always constructed after a thorough survey of the place, volume of traffic and pedestrian movement,” he says.

It is indifference and lack of respect for the road rules that prompt people to dislodge barricades and cross the road. 

Motorists find it exasperating when people cross the road where there is no zebra crossing. 

This is not only dangerous but leads to a lot of miscalculation on the road. Lavina D’Souza, a professional, feels that there must be a permanent solution. 

“People must never be given the option to cross in the middle of the road. And they must practise crossing at zebra crossings,” she reasons.  

Rahul Shankar Narayana, a businessman, points out that there must be a harsher system to deal with such offences. 

“People who cross the road in this fashion must be fined on the spot. 

Police must do away with these barricades and find something more workable. The barricades that are there now have their disadvantage,” he adds. 

Shruti, an entrepreneur, thinks people have to be more disciplined on the roads. “The dividers are meant to instill a sense of discipline in people but nobody seems to bother. People must adhere to the rules or be fined heavily,” she sums up. 

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