CPM challenges Chief Minister to ban 'Pankthi bedha'

CPM challenges Chief Minister to ban 'Pankthi bedha'

CPM challenges Chief Minister to ban 'Pankthi bedha'

CPM State Secretary Sriram Reddy has challenged the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to ban the evil and inhuman practices of ‘Pankthi bedha’ and ‘Made Snana’ within 24 hours, if he is a genuine crusader of secularism.

Speaking at the protest rally and a day-long hunger strike organised by the Udupi district unit of the CPM here, the leader accused that the Congress government is secular only to lure the minorities which is “pure vote bank politics.”

Reddy flayed that when it comes to the issue of religious fanaticism and communalism, the state government is no different from that of previous BJP rule.

Religious outfits will certainly end up disturbing communal harmony in society, he warned.
Pejawar seer flayed.

Coming down heavily on Pejawar seer over his political motive concerning the issue of social evils, Reddy said “the Pejawar seer diplomatically handles the issues like  ‘Pankthi bedha’ and ‘Made Snana.’ He himself is against banning these social evils, but pretends as if he is against the practices. The seer wants to portray himself as a social reformer. He had proposed ‘Ede Snana’ instead of ‘Made Snana’, which is another blunder to fool the devotees.” 

Reddy suggested the Pejawar seer to invite Dalits to Sri Krishna mutt and have food with them inside the mutt, rather than paying courtesy visit to Dalits colonies for publicity.

Sriram Reddy said the left parties will never demand an apology from the seers for the incident of ‘Pankthi bedha’ meted out to a female lecturer from Manipal University recently at Udupi Sri Krishna mutt.

The apology from the seers is ridiculous, as they never realise the value of an apology, he ridiculed.

Asserting that the fight against the evil practices like ‘Pankthi Bedha’ and ‘Made Snana’ will continue until it is banned, the leader added that the public are disappointed for not initiating actions against the temples that perform these rituals.

Sringeri shootout

The CPM State Secretary questioned the government for ordering a CID inquiry into ANF shootout case in Sringeri.

The incident clearly indicated cold-blooded murder and there was no need for any other evidences to prove it.

He ridiculed Karkala MLA Sunil Kumar’s remark defending the ANF shootout  and announcing Rs 50,000 cash prize to ANF constable Navin Naik.

Meanwhile, Karnataka State Backward Classes Forum President K S Shivaram said  the Pankthi Bedha is a social brutality, which makes the civilised world to shatter in embarrassment.

There is a need to follow the ideologies of Kanakadasa, he urged.