The beats of the nation

The beats of the nation


The beats of the nation

100 Pipers VH1 Soundnation’, a multi genre live music festival that is taking place in six cities across the country simultaneously, made its debut in the City recently.

Artistes from across the country have come to perform at the event. Divided into two weeks, the first week saw four live performances with two on each day.  The first day saw ‘Madboy/Mink’, a funk and nu disco duo from Mumbai, and ‘Sound Avtar’. The event took place at ICE, Vivanta by Taj and saw a good turnout. It kicked off with ‘Madboy/Mink’ (Imaad Shah and Saba Azad) performing tunes from their latest EP ‘All Ball’. 

Tracks like ‘Lemonade’ and ‘Alley Cats’ were a hit with the audience with their funky edge and electro beats. ‘Sound Avtar’ left the audience buzzing with his heavy bass drops and non-conventional beats. 

The two performances were well-received by the audience and the performers evidently had a blast on stage.

“I’m more into Bollywood but I’m getting my groove on. They are really good,” said Usha. Bhawna, her friend, said, “This is fun-filled and upbeat. They have a long way to go but I’m having a good time.”

 Rohit and Shrina, visitors from Pune who weren’t fresh ears to these kind of performances, said, “The ambience is very nice and the performers seem fun. This isn’t new to us but it still is exciting.”

On the second day, the show took place at ‘The Humming Tree’ and featured ‘Bombay Bassment’ and ‘Nucleya’.  The unique sound and pulsating energy of ‘Bombay Bassment’ along with the upbeat, positive vibes and right amount of spark of ‘Nucleya’ made the night a huge success with a full house.

 “They are so interactive and fresh with their sound,” said Kunal, the host of the show, about ‘Bombay Bassment’. 

Jonathan Sequira, on being asked about the event, said, “They have a very good vibe and the kind of music they are playing is very new to me. It is interesting.” The audience favourites included ‘King of the Bongo’ and ‘Jump N’ Stomp’ by ‘Bombay Bassment’ and ‘Akkad Bakkad’ by ‘Nucleya’.  

The event will continue this week and see the likes of ‘Indus Creed’, ‘Thermal and a Quarter’, ‘Midival Punditz’ and ‘Blackstratblues’ performing.