On a string to explore her dreamscape!

On a string to explore her dreamscape!

Passing by

Entangled in a web of pulleys, she floated mid-air like a dream, dancing to the self-choreographed contemporary piece Nos Solitudes.

 The French dancer Julie Nioche was in the Capital, dazzling the audience with a quaint contemporary performance as a part of Danse Dialogues. How often do you see a dancer manoeuvring weights, using them as props and at times as musical devices as well? As we delved deeper into her performance, what we came across may surprise you even more. Metrolife spoke to Julie Nioche to bring a better picture and understanding of what goes into the making of a stunning performance like Nos Solitude.

It was in the caves of Eddakal, Kerala, where she was learning Kalari massage that the idea for this act first struck Julie. And what’s more tantalising is that it was in a dream!

 “So, I had to construct a ‘machine’ to be able to go up and down by myself, which took a lot of time to create with a set designer and specialist of special effect for cinema.”  It all translated into a set that comprised 80 weights. Barring us from further delving into her dreamscape, she said,  “All this was a metaphor for a lot of things and, I prefer to give some space to the audience to cre ate with their own imagination around the theme, the subject...”

 “The magic of the set is part of the mystery that keeps the audience intrigued. It’s also the theatrical tool which builds the dramaturgy. Nos Solitudes is made with set, dance, light and music, each at the same level of importance for the show. All together, we construct a special space and time,” exclaims Julie. Adding to the magical elements of her act, a musician is present on the stage, performing live music to complement her act. Elaborating on her act Julie says, “Through Alexandre Meyer’s presence on stage, I wanted to underline the importance of live music to build the poetic mood of this performance.” 

In her quintessential mystical way, she says she likes to show the connect with terra firma, that even though one performs mid-air there is always this gravitational pull that brings you back on ground.

As she goes on to cull out her dreams to create some splendid performances, Metrolife asked her what lay ahead for her? 

“I am recreating a piece from 2008 named Matter that will be performed in Festival d'Avignon this summer. It will take some time before I create a new piece,” summed up the performer.