Catering to the rush

Catering to the rush

The City’s students have more important things to focus on than the election fever. The SSLC results were declared on Monday by noon and most of the Pre-University colleges in the City started issuing the application forms for the first-year Pre-University courses.

   Anxious parents and their wards were seen making a beeline for colleges rather early on Monday morning. The forms will be issued for a week and the submission process will take another three days.

Metrolife interacts with the management of different colleges as well as students applying for the Pre-University course to understand the pressure they face during the admission time and which streams are more popular with the students.

The principals of most colleges are multi-tasking. They are compiling the results and zeroing in on the cut-off percentages. Like every year, science and commerce top the list of choices for most students.

The CMR Pre-University College has started issuing application forms for admission to both science and commerce streams.

“The SSLC results have been good this year and the demand in the science stream is more for physics, chemistry, mathematics with a focus on biology (PCMB) and physics, chemistry, mathematics and electronics (PCME). As for the commerce stream, we are glad that the cut-off is rising year after year and many of the school toppers are choosing commerce with statistics and enrolling simultaneously for CA,” explains Nandini Nagraj, principal of the college.

Sr Sonia Nazareth, principal of Mount Carmel Pre-University College, feels that commerce has always been popular and continues to rule. “Commerce remains the most sought-after choice. We have kept the cut-off for commerce at 90 per cent, for science at 85 per cent and arts at 80
per cent. There’s a rush every year soon after the SSLC results are declared and that trend hasn’t changed,” says Sonia.

Parents were seen standing in the queue for the application forms. They were not only anxious about the SSLC marks but also keen to get their child admitted in a reputed institution. Likitha and her mother Sujatha Katey were seen taking down the details of the admission process.

Likitha says, “I am confident that I will get into one of the good colleges. I want a college that not only has a good teaching staff but where the coaching is among the best. I want to attempt CLAT and I am simultaneously working towards preparing for that as well.” 

Her mother Sujatha adds, “We are taking the application forms from different colleges. We have always stood by her. We will support her in whatever course she wants do and make a conscious effort not to pressurise her.”

Supriya Mahesh Kumar, who has just completed her class 10 from Sri Vani Public School, wishes to pursue civil services and has been a topper throughout school.

She says, “I want to opt for science and take up civil services. There was no pressure from my parents to excel but it is my father’s dream that I attempt civil services and I would like to fulfill his dream.” Her mother Shobha Mahesh Kumar adds, “The only thing we’ve told our daughter is to do well in whatever she does,” she sums up.