Preparatory survey held for IG Road widening

Preparatory survey held for IG Road widening

All building within 50 ft distance from middle of the road may be pulled down

Preparatory survey held for IG Road widening

 Town Municipal Council and PWD Engineers carrying out the survey works for IG Road extension in Chikmagalur on Thursday. dh photoThe officials inspected all the buildings built on either sides of the 2 km long road from Kathri Maramma Temple to Bolarameshwara temple during the survey works.

A meeting was convened by Deputy Commissioner on Wednesday wherein both Council and PWD officials were directed to collect details (area, year of construction etc)of all the buildings located at a 50 ft distance from the middle of the road and submit a report within three days. PWD has already collected details about the buildings which were built during 1955 when the area was known as Basavanahalli. According to the old blueprint, buildings were located at a distance of 28 metres from the main road, 15 metres at Hanumanthappa circle, 11 metres at NMC circle, 13 metres at Mathias tower, 12 metres at bus stand and 16 metres at Thogari Hankal circle.

Later on, the buildings were constructed close to the road and off late many buildings have been built encroaching the drainage space. PWD has hence decided to go for expansion of IG road keeping the old blueprint in mind and clearing off the buildings constructed within 50 ft distance from the middle of the road. A large number of buildings will be pulled down if the project is undertaken.  

Project plan

According to the sources, the electricity poles will be placed on the middle of the road, with the 3 ft wide divider.

The roads will be constructed on either sides for about 24 ft. About 12 ft has been earmarked for parking space on both sides of the road along with 5 ft space for foot path.  According to this plan the road will be 89 ft wide.