With a tinge of madness!

With a tinge of madness!

It all began when ‘Madboy’ heard ‘Mink’ singing (or when they met while working on a play, depending on who tells the story!).

“Her distinct voice struck me and before we knew it, one thing led to another and we were at the studio making tunes,” begins Imaad Shah aka ‘Madboy’.

Based in Mumbai, the duo are referred to as the ‘terror twins of funk and swing’ and bring to the Indian music scene something that has never been there before.

Highly influenced by old school funk, disco and swing, these two manage to entice the audience with her captivating voice and his crazy tunes.

A little over a year since the two have paired up, they started off when Saba Azad aka ‘Mink’, jammed with him on some old tunes he had composed.

One thing led to another and after discovering some common interests, they were composing tunes together at the studio.

Their roots lie in funk as they water it with electro and sprinkle it with some swing, and ta-da! they bring to you something as fresh, crazy and eclectic as they are.

When asked about their name, Imaad explains, “‘Madboy’ is my solo act. I’ve been producing under this name for a while now.”

While Saba says, “My favourite producer called me ‘Mink’ and when it came down to what should we call our band, it became ‘Madboy/Mink’,” to which Imaad adds cheekily, “Also because she looks like a tiny squirrel, like a mink!”

Not genre specific, they play their own sound. Their music derives influence from a lot of artistes but mainly 80s funk and 70s disco.

When asked as to who would they like to jam with, both of them immediately spout the same answer, “Prince”! Meanwhile, James Brown makes the list as well.

This talented duo aren’t just musicians, but actors as well. When put at gun point as to where their passion lies, they smoothly answer, “We do both. It’s a part of life for us. ‘Madboy/Mink’ brings together various things.” The two adds, “It’s an extension of all the things we like doing,” the two explain.

Third-time performers in the City, on being asked as to what they like about Bangalore, they says, “There is some fantastic food here and the nightlife is catching on,” says Imaad. Saba, on the other hand, is taken away by the weather and food the City has to offer.

The two have recently released their debut EP called ‘All Ball’consisting of tunes like ‘Lemonade’, ‘Funkenstien’, ‘Alley Cats’ and ‘Taste Your Kiss’.

If this is anything to go by, the duo have definitely arrived and are here to stay.