Indian edn system needs complete revamp: C N R Rao

Indian edn system needs complete revamp: C N R Rao

Flexible courses need of the hour, says Renowned scientist

Renowned scientist and Bharatharatna awardee Dr C N R Rao has opined that there is an urgent need to revamp the entire education system in India with the infusion of an additional spirit.

Speaking at the student-scientist interaction programme organised at Poorna Prajna College here, the scientist lambasted at Indian education system. According to Dr Rao, lack of standard curriculum and rigid education pattern has ruined the value of education.

Education has given least importance among all other issues and science is down the ladder of education. The curriculum remains stagnant since 30-40 years.

He lamented that India spends very less on education in contrast with countries like China and Korea. Rao added that he has forwarded the recommendations to Planning Commission, urging for a long term measures in education sector under five year plan, wherein the teachers and teaching gets more importance.

Alleging that political and bureaucratic interference has distracted the educational process, the veteran scientist said the education policies do not give freedom. The process is politicized. Korea invests 6-8 per cent of GDP on education, while that of India’s contribution is mere two per cent. Finland invests highest in the world on education and Korea adorns the third position. India should look up at China for its investment on science. There is no idealism in education. He stressed that flexible courses are the need of the hour.

‘Don’t replace brain with computer’

Pointing out at the excessive dependency of the students on internet, the scientist noted that internet should not be used for education. The direct contact with teachers is a true pattern of learning. He lamented over the decreasing habits of reading among students.

The number of disciplined teachers in the area of research are declining. He called for avoiding the computers and laptops from replacing the brains, as these technologies no more  give ideas. He said computers should not rule ones life.

Asserting that persistence, perseverance, tenacity and little intelligence are the essential characters that need to be developed by youths, the scientist pointed that the urge for making quick money has washed away the brains of youths in India. Not even a single student from Bangalore is doing reseach under him among the number of students hail from different parts of the world. Most of the Bangalore youth have sold their brains to IT profession. Around 90 per cent of the atomic researchers are from all other colleges in India other than IITs.

The scientist flayed that parents are the worst influence on children. Success do not come all of sudden. It is a continuous process and guaranteed to those who are determined and dedicated. There is also drain in India, as the country has failed to provide good opportunities to science aspirants.

Stating that there is nothing called pure and applied science, Dr C N R Rao said that today’s pure science is tomorrow’s technology.

‘Science a way of life’

Responding to a question, Rao said scientists make discoveries for human good. Quoting the example of Haber process that aided the manufacture of ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen, he explained that if Haber had not discovered ammonia, man would have died due to hunger. Atom bomb was discovered by the scientists, however to drop it on innocent civilians was a human decision. He said human qualities should not be mixed with science.

The scientist empasized that 60 per cent of the thinking comes through association and not by reasoning.

He called upon the students to choose lonely road that lacks buzzing activity for success. Asserting that science is a way of life to him, Rao said that he prefers repeating everything whatever he did, if at all he was given another opportunity of birth. ‘Science keeps me absorbed with experimenting and innovating endlessly,’ he concluded.

Dr C N R Rao and his wife were felicitated at Kunjalugiri Sri Durgadevi temple by Admaru mutt seer Sri Vishwapriyatheertha Swami on the occasion of dedicating the silver chariot to the Goddess.