Opening a brand new chapter

Opening a brand new chapter

Opening a brand new chapter

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes, five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred moments so dear, five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes, how do you measure, measure a year...’

This heartwarming tune, originally sung by the cast of the popular Broadway show, ‘Rent’, was a farewell piece from the graduating batch (International Baccalaureate) of the Canadian International School (CIS).

An exciting chapter came to an end for the 58 graduates at the Ritz-Carlton hotel recently.

Parents, family and well-wishers made a bee-line for the hotel to watch their children and beloved ones receive their diplomas.

Anuradha Jagadish, whose daughter has been in CIS for the past two years said, “I’m very proud of her. She’s the first one in our family to graduate from an IB school. We weren’t sure she could handle this (International Baccalaureate) but she was insistent and when she wants something, she does it.”

The guest speaker for the evening, Kalpana Kar, advised the students on how to be hopeful.

“Have courage to ask questions knowing that the answer is not easy. Also, have the ability to listen knowing that what you hear is not what you want,” she said.

In his opening speech, Shane Kells, the head of the school, said that a person might graduate with numerous college degrees but they can have just one 12th standard graduation; it’s something that can’t be redone.

Aishwarya Jagadish, who was still in her black graduation gown after the ceremony, said the last two years have been a great learning experience for her. 

All the students were excited about what lay ahead for them but were sad to leave the family they have created here.

Mallika Makkar, who was the class valedictorian and has been in the school for the past six years, said that it hasn’t yet sunk in.

“It’s a moment of mixed emotions, it’s the start of a new life and the end of another. The last three years have been one to remember and I want to thank everyone involved for making it so,” said another student Sajal Mehta.

Out of the 58 graduates, 54 have university acceptances in varying subjects. Four of the students have gotten into the prestigious Ivy League colleges.

As the tassels were turned, so did another page in their young lives.