Assamese artistes enthral city with dance-drama

Assamese artistes enthral city with dance-drama

This performance was truly exceptional and different from the regular classical dances in the City.

It was a treat to the eyes, when 50 artistes from the northeastern state of Assam enthralled the audience with their unique Assamese dance - drama performance ‘Ankia Naat-Bhaona’.

The event drew its uniqueness from the fact, that traditionally Ankia Naat is performed only by men. The event was organised by Assam Tourism and depicted ‘Ram Bijoy’ (The victory of Lord Ram) as part of the dance-drama.

The 15th century dance-drama of Assam was organised in association with
Raginee, a Guwahati-based organisation.

Metrolife spoke to Madhurima Choudhary, designer and director of ‘Ankia Naat-Bhaona’ who also essayed the role of Lord Ram about the decision to go for an all-woman cast for the play.

“With this show, I wanted to turn the tables. It feels great to be part of such a grand event and I am even proud of all the 50 actresses. They have done a tremendous job. Also, I feel that this is the time of women’s revolution in our country and such woman-driven stage shows can definitely play a pivotal role in empowering women.” 

As part of the efforts to promote cultural-tourism, Government of Assam has decided to introduce and expose cultural traditions of the northeastern state to a wider audience across India and global destinations.

And ‘Ankia Naat-Bhaona’ is a step in that direction.

The dance-drama was performed for over a span of two hours, which included Subahu Badh, Sita Swayamvar and Parshuram’s Darpachurna.

It was performed in Brajavali – a concoction of Assamese, Hindi, Oriya and Maithili. The script of the dance-drama is called ‘Ankia Naat’ and the performance is called
Ankia Bhaona.