Police arrests conman who duped 60 women into marrying him

Police arrests conman who duped 60 women into marrying him

Police arrests conman who duped 60 women into marrying him

Luck of a 30-year-old man, who conned over 60 women into marrying him posing as a railway employee and relieving them of their cash and ornaments, was arrested after his luck ran out, police said today.

The man, identified as Mohammad Sizam, was arrested by Baligaon police of Vaishali district from near Samastipur railway station in Samastipur district yesterday, a police official said.

Police got on to his trail after a 14-year-old girl vanished from Bahauddinpur village of Vaishali district and married the man who posed as a travelling ticket examiner (TTE).

Acting on a complaint of girl's parent, Station Head Officer of Baligaon police station, Rajkumar Paswan said he started investigations with the help of the mobile number of the girl and finally located the man in Samastipur district.

A bank account number helped them in pin-pointing the man, who resided there.

"He masqueraded as a TTE. We brought him to our police station. He had four mobiles and eight SIM cards. We seized them, and it was then that our woes began. We started receiving calls from different women claiming to be his wife," said Paswan.

The SHO called the women to the police station. Those residing in and around the district arrived with their family members and children, while those living in far flung districts, as well as places outside the state like Kolkata, were on their way.

"So far 15 out of 62 women who claimed to be his wife have come to the police station. They all revealed that the conman took money and jewellery from them on one pretext or another. Others are on their way. Most of the women also have children from him," Paswan said.

Police initially faced difficulty in establishing the man's real identity, but finally traced him to be a resident of Mehsi Main village under Mehsi police station in East Champaran district, where his parents lived.

"The arrested person's original name is Mohammad Sizam, son of Mohammad Sainul. He had fled from there in 2004 after marrying and cheating eight women and continued conning women at different places," said Paswan.

"Sizam was a glib talker and used to change his name according to the caste and religion of the targeted girls. Posing as TTE, he used to lure girls, as well as their parents," said the police official.

He used to make excuses of not getting leave, too much workload and 'travelling to various stations' for not meeting his wives.

"But on an average, he used to visit the women once in two months, just like a doctor takes a round for his patients," added Paswan.