'We never look back at our past'

'We never look back at our past'

popular duo

For ‘Dada Life’ — Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom — the Swedish electronic duo from Stockholm, the journey began when they met at ‘Chili Cook Off’ in Sweden in 2006. 

While talking to Metrolife on their recent visit to the City, they had a lot of recalling to do and much to smile about.  

At the meeting at ‘Chili Cook Off’, the band said that they talked a lot about music. Although they had different styles – soft and hard tempo – they decided to come together to make music a day after they met. Thus ‘Dada Life’ was born and their first single ‘Big Time’ was released. “Since then, we have had a number of tours in the US and Canada and we are happy to be in India. This is our first time here,” they said. 

“The vibe in India has been amazing and we couldn’t have asked for more. Be it Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, the talk about ‘Dada Life’ in Bangalore and other cities we are touring at has been loud. We thank our fans for their support and can’t wait to perform in their cities. We were looking forward to this run for a long time now. We are happy we managed to find time to do this tour and it’s nice to be here,” they said.

“This City will be the Dadaland tonight,” they said before their concert here. So what is Dadaland? “We always needed a place of our own where we can do what we wish; where interference from the governments, states and people don’t bother us. We decided to make a state of our own,” they explained. 

   “We take our music as a challenge and we love to challenge ourselves to move forward. We never look back at our past. We always try to evolve and outdo ourselves and don’t cling to situations.”

   They say that music is fun for them and that they don’t really need any motivation. “We find inspiration by trying to capture every moment of pure happiness. We are here in the City and when on stage, we will see a face that doesn’t really think about anything and just enjoying. This is the essence we capture.
 We try to remember that feeling and make a track out of it. When we are finally done with it, we listen to it and picture that person in our head and enjoy that happiness. This keeps our music evergreen,” they added.
They feel that the music scene in India is changing. “India, a few years back, wasn’t into electronic music. Now they are at competition with the world. We will see where it goes. As a DJ, one can’t rely only on DJing but on production as well. One has to make one’s own hits from the word go and this keeps you alive in this industry,” they pointed out.

“We live the way we wish to and there are no regrets or hatred. We move from our last to the next best thing. Looking back isn’t our way of life,” they said.