Indulge your dad on his special day!

Indulge your dad on his special day!

Father's Day

As Father’s Day rolls out on coming Sunday, a bagful of memories from the halcyon past will flicker across, making you want to touch, see and feel those moments once again. 

“Papa has come, papa has come,” remember those squeals of delight on seeing your father come back from office. O yes! Now, you could be young, or grown up or maybe a tad too old to admit on how you waited all day long (almost, nay, definitely selfishly) to see him bringing goodies in the evening, but you cannot be too old to tag along with your dad and indulge him in an experience that he will cherish, on Father’s Day.

There’s a bakery designing cakes that would match your father’s official sartorial sense with some tie cakes and cupcakes. 

“Father's are always thought of as the bread winner of a family in an Indian context. We have always seen our fathers leaving well-dressed for the office in the morning. As trends change, so should our style to wish a special thanks to our dear father on this special occasion. The dress sense of today's father has been captured in the making of this special gesture, in the cake and cupcake format, with specially printed messages for your father,” says chef Ankush from Raro Gourmet Shop. 

Are you a do-it-yourself (DIY) type of child? Well, how about trying the eggs station in Olive at the Qutub. The restaurant offers an expansive spread of Father’s Day Brunch between noon to 4 pm. Besides, you could make eggs for your dad at their eggs station. A meal would cost around Rs 2,500 excluding taxes. 

Want to take the desi route? Well, check out this offer from the restaurant Shraman, The Ashok. “We are especially offering unlimited servings in our North Indian and Marwari Thalis. You can also collect a voucher from our outlet and treat your father with 20 per cent discount.
We have special mocktails for this occasion, such as Yeoo Papa, Papa Special Virgin Watermelon Mojito and Woo Woo Papa to make it more it exciting for every father,”  says chef Deepak.

But if your dad suffers from diabetes and still craves for sugary sweet confections then gift him guilt-free sweets. 

Food expert Bharti Sanghi gives an interesting spin to desserts with her range of Sugarless Mithais. 

“A traditional approach to control diabetes by using badam (almond) with chhilka helps in insulin control. And I have replaced sugar with some natural sweeteners like jaggery, honey, maple syrup, natural sweetness of fruits and coconut sugar,” says Bharti as she offers a delectable range of customised mithais on this Father’s Day. Go, splurge on them!