The hype is worth it

For some people the hype of a Football World Cup may be too much to take in. But for me it does exactly what it says on the tin – it enthralls, it entertains and it leaves one asking for more.

Just go through your TV listings. You have at least one World Cup match on your television screens every day till June 27. How can you not feel giddy by the thought of it all? 

The timings may not be user friendly to Indian audience but the mere thought of watching is enough to willingly screw your sleep cycles for the next month.

The Champions League has probably usurped every other football competition as the most prestigious but the World Cup is still the World Cup and it is the ultimate sporting extravaganza on the planet.

You have heard all those heroic tales – of Franz Beckenbauer playing on with a broken clavicle for West Germany at the Estadio Azteca, of the same team coming back from 0-2 down against Hungary in the ‘Miracle of Bern’ to win the 1954 Final, of an impetuous 17-year-old Pele creating history in 1958 and of Diego Maradona winning it all on his own in 1986.

You cannot help yourself but willingly submit to the programme.

The World Cup is a hype factory. But it is all worth it. Like glorious addiction. Haters gonna hate.

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