Toilets must under Housing scheme projects

Toilets must under Housing scheme projects

In an effort to free the district from open defecation, it has been made mandatory for the beneficiaries of Indira Awas, Basava Housing and other rural housing schemes, especially those that were sanctioned funds during the year 2013-14, to construct toilets before completion of works.

Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation has directed the Panchayat Development Officers to strictly inform the beneficiaries about the same. Toilets can also be constructed through Nirmala Bharatha Abhiyan and MGNREGA.

Additional funds

The beneficiaries were disbursed Rs 1.20 lakh funds for the construction of houses under Basava and Indira housing projects. Out of this, Rs 5,000 has to be earmarked for toilets. Apart from this, Rs 4,700 will also be provided under Nirmala Bharatha Abhiyan, using which toilets have to be built.

The construction of toilets would be reviewed using GPS technology, and funds will be released in phases. In the first phase, Rs 29,800 will be disbursed during the foundation level. Later Rs 30,000 during lintel level, and Rs 30,000 during the ceiling level. As per the new order, the remaining Rs 34,700 will be disbursed only after the construction of toilets.

If toilets are not constructed, Rs 9,700 will be deducted from the final instalment. If the beneficiaries construct toilets later and upload the picture on the Corporation’s website, the amount would be remitted to their bank account. For SC/ST beneficiaries, an additional fund of Rs 5,000 will be available under SC/ST sub schemes through their respective GPs.