Reality comes alive through cartoons

Reality comes alive through cartoons

Creative lines

The Indian Cartoon Gallery (IIC) is presenting a slice of harsh realities in hilarious tones as it celebrates its seventh annive­r­sary. On the occasion, 112 works of 101 acclaimed cartoonists are being featured. 

The cartoons are a direct attack on the political scenario of the country and the plethora of problems India grapples with.
 Be it the cartoons that depict the incompetence of the political leaders or the ones that attack the stark divide of the social classes in the country, all the exhibits tickle the funny bones of the viewers. 

Apart from the works of legendary cartoonists like Mario Miranda, Maya Kamath, Abu Abraham and RK Laxman that are showcased, cartoons of the winners of ‘Maya Kamath Memorial Award’ are also being featured. 
Most of the cartoons are witty and lampoon the problems of corruption and inflation, the nature of the coalition rule, the present education system, the fall of the previous regimes, the spar between the country and its neighbours and the hapless state of the economy. 

Light-hearted cartoons that give out everyday social messages, creative caricatures, innovative drawings of political leaders and strips from the evergreen comic, Chacha Chaudhary are also being exhibited. 

The cartoons are part of their archives. The Institute has picked out the best cartoons and have mainly picked out works that the common man can relate to. 

VG Narendra, the managing trustee of IIC, said that the cartoons that are picked out are mainly related to the current government as it would appeal to everybody.    
The exhibition, that was inaugurated on June 14, saw a composite crowd of different age groups where a lot of families came to enjoy the show.  
Though cartoons are one of the best visual mediums, a lot still has to be done for the promotion of cartoons and comics in India. 

“When we decided to start the gallery, a lot of cartoonists supported us. The rationale is mainly because we are passionate about our work and want people to be educated through strong, social messages.

Cartoons are humorous, creative and enlighten the public,” said Narendra. The exhibition is open to the public till August 25.