Naseeruddin Shah turns down his fee for 'Bolo Raam'

Naseeruddin Shah turns down his fee for 'Bolo Raam'

Naseeruddin Shah turns down his fee for 'Bolo Raam'

Shah, who has worked with Rakesh Chaturvedi in theatre, stunned the director and the producer Goldy Bhutani of Shree Keshav Films by refusing to take money for his work in the movie, which releases on December 31.

The actor plays a psychiatrist in the murder mystery, which aslo stars yesteryears actress Padmini Kohlapure and veteran Om Puri. The film marks Rishi Bhutani's debut as an actor while it is the first directorial opportunity for theatre artiste Chaturvedi.

Another reason of Shah rejecting any money for this film is the nostalgia of working with Padmini after a gap of two and a half long decade. They were last seen together in 'Woh Saat Din' in 1983.

"We were working together after 26 years," Shah recalled fondly. "I believe that scripts like 'Bolo Raam' are very rare and they require a lot from an actor. I am sure that if I would have charged any money for the film, I won't ever be able to deliver my best and it would have been an in-justification with the film," the actor said.

"I am glad that there were no monetary elements involved and which gives me an opportunity to say that I did this film from and for my heart," Shah added.

The actor had earlier refused to take any money for his role in Pakistani film 'Khuda Ke Liye'. Debutante Chaturvedi said he was humbled by the actor's gesture.

"I have been doing theatre with him for years now and in all these years, I always kept telling him that I would love to direct him in a film.When I narrated him the script of Bolo Raam, he was so moved that he said he was doing my film and to relieve me of any problem, he was doing it for free. I can't say how obliged I felt," Chaturvedi said.

'Bolo Raam' is the story of a boy Raam Kaushik (Rishi), who is charged with the murder of his mother Archana, played by Kohlapure. Raam falls in to a state of shock, brief psychotic disorder, after his mother's death and become silent, refusing to talk or react in any manner.

The story unfolds as the investigating officer, Indrajeet Singh Rathi (Om Puri), consults a Psychiatrist Dr N S Negi (Naseeruddin Shah) to determine Raam's state of mind and the reason for his slience.