Police detain over 150 as protesters head for climate talks venue

Police detain over 150 as protesters head for climate talks venue

Police detain over 150 as protesters head for climate talks venue

Police use pepper spray to push back protestors during a demonstration outside Bella Center, the venue of the U.N. climate change conference, in Copenhagen Wednesday. AP

The protesters including the umbrella group Climate Justice Action said they planned to storm the well-guarded Bella Center where negotiators from nearly 200 countries sought to overcome deadlock.

About 50 protesters were arrested near a shopping centre while others were arrested at a train station used as an assembly point.

Police in anti-riot gear erected concrete barriers around the conference venue after activists said they would attempt to disrupt proceedings.

On Tuesday, police seized several home-made bicycles and other material they said could be used for an attempt to storm the venue.
Danish police apprehended more than 1,200 people during protests that took place over the weekend.
Inside the conference centre, environment ministers were holding talks aimed at keeping global warming in check.
With just a few days left before world leaders are due to seal an agreement, the chairwoman of the conference, Connie Hedegaard, and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, have appealed for compromise amid concerns that the talks may be heading for failure.

Hundreds of climate activists were detained today for trying to establish 'people's assembly', accusing the 193 participating countries of not trying to reach a new deal to combat the menace.

Police fired tear gas and arrested hundreds of protesters near the Bella Centre, the venue of the world's largest conference on Climate, amid apprehensions that the talks may collapse.
Around 1,500 climate activists tried to march on the Bella Centre, but were prevented by the police and were taken into custody.
Authorities had barricaded the building to cut it off as the protesters had announced that they would walk to the center and establish "People's Assembly" there.
The protests came as world leaders begin to arrive to attend the last leg of the Climate Summit that draws to a close on Friday.
The protesters also alleged that there was lack of transparency on talks at the conference.
"Everyday individuals, local governments, and responsible companies demonstrate their commitment to solve the climate crisis.
Global action on Earth Day aims to convince world leaders that a failure to reach consensus on climate agreement is a failure of responsibility to their people," said Kathleen Rogers, President, Earth Day Network.