Qualifying students appeal against fresh pre-medical exam in Rajasthan

Qualifying students appeal against fresh pre-medical exam in Rajasthan

Qualifying students appeal against fresh pre-medical exam in Rajasthan

A day after Rajasthan High Court’s directions to re-conduct Rajasthan Pre-Medical Test (RPMT) 2014, a special appeal writ was filed against the decision on Friday.

The appeal has been filed on behalf of qualifying candidates who complain that the decision will waste their academic year. Appellant’s lawyer S K Singh said appeal will be heard on June 30 in division bench of Rajasthan High court.

“We have filed a special appeal writ against the high court’s decision to re-conduct RPMT-2014. In the appeal we have raised several issues of qualifying candidates which suggest that re-conducting RPMT will be injustice to them,” said S K Singh.

Appeal says that students who qualified RPMT have also qualified for other pre-medical examinations in the country. Despite getting admission outside the state, students preferred RPMT as they wanted to pursue studies in Rajasthan. If government re-conducts RPMT 2014, it will not only waste their academic year but the new pattern of examination may not guarantee them good ranks.

“There are several students like one of the appellants Aditya Shetrapal who secured 15th rank and was selected in other medical colleges also. He chose RPMT as he didn’t want to go outside state. It’s a waste of one complete year for them,” said S K Singh.

The appeal also points out that both the state government and Rajasthan University of Health Science (RUHS) agreed that there was no case of mass cheating or unfair means reported in the examination.

 Neither the question paper was leaked in advance. In such a situation, how the state government can decide to re-conduct the examination, the appeal said. Appellant also expressed concerns over expected change in examination pattern, if RPMT is re-conducted.

In 2014 RPMT was conducted online and re-examination is likely to be conducted with the old paper-pencil format.

“Just to support handful of non-qualifying candidates, who also failed the other medical examinations, state government is in a mood to re-conduct RPMT. This is not fair,” said S K Singh.

On Thursday, Rajasthan High Court directed the state government to re-conduct the Rajasthan Pre- Medical Test (RPMT) 2014. Justice Mohammad Rafiq gave the decision while hearing the petition filed by 64 aspirants who alleged irregularities in the examination.

The court said the examination process was ‘unconstitutional’ and directed the government to draft fresh time table for examination in consent with Supreme Court.