Back with a bang

Back with a bang

Powerful role

Back with a bang

Actress Navya Nair strayed into acting when she was barely 16. She hit the silver screen with Ishtam in Malayalam and has given the Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada industry many memorable films, including Bhagyadha Balegaara with Shivrajkumar where she played a Brahmin lady. 

She had also won the Kerala State award for brilliant characterisation as Balamani in Nandanam. 

“I always take things as they come. I don’t want to pose challenges to myself and plan anything that will complicate my present,” says Navya, who returned to act in the Kannada film industry with Drishya.

Navya says that it is the strength of the character that prompted her to sign the project. 

“It’s a very complicated story. It’s about how everything is normal in a family until a certain crisis happens and how the family wriggles out of it. That’s the challenging part,” explains Navya.  

   The movie has been running in packed houses in the City and Navya thinks that the story or the incidents in the movie, however simple, could affect anybody anywhere.

“The best part about the script is that there are a lot of real elements knit into it. For instance, the crisis in the family starts when the video of the older girl in the family is shot without her knowledge. The man who shoots it blackmails the family with these pictures. This is something that can happen to anybody,” she points out. 

Navya has been getting a lot of feedback from young boys and girls. “This generation would definitely relate to themes like this. It is not a moral science class but real happenings narrated in a thrilling way,” she notes. 

There are no dearth of offers or characters that come knocking Navya’s way but this young lady has kept most offers on hold. Has marriage made her choosy? “I am open to doing anything as long as it is clean and is a performance-oriented role. Marriage hasn’t changed anything for me,” she states.   

Talking about her costar V Ravichandaran, Navya says, “He’s a brilliant actor and spends a lot of time talking about work,” she says.

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