Those were the days...

Those were the days...

Those were the days...

The annual Old Cottonians’ (OC) Ball, which was held recently at The Grand
Magrath, marked the 87th reunion of the alumni of the Bishop Cotton Boys’ and Girls’ School.

Organised by the Old Cottonians’ Association, this nostalgic event saw over a 1,000 former Cottonians of different batches across decades under one roof.

“‘OC Ball’ is a feature of the St Peter’s Tide and has evolved through the years. Such
reunions are spread throughout the globe. We are excited that the entire Tamil Nadu chapter is celebrating with us this year,” said Dhanush Parekh, a committee member of the OC. MG Muthanna, a patron of the OC, added, “The Old Cottonian’s Association was started in 1927.

When we had meetings in Melbourne and Sydney, more than 200 Cottonians who resided in Australia came together. It’s also a time to recollect memories as whatever I am today, I attribute to my school.”

CV Raganathan, former Ambassador to China and France, informed that the ball gives a chance for former students to cherish their school memories.

“Watching the school grow speaks about the faith people have entrusted in it. We wish to keep the school flag flying high.The greatest gift I have received from the school is the friendships I made back then. My friends, even after 60 years, are standing by me. It’s a huge blessing. The school makes the student a better person and they carry on the legacy,” he said. Muthanna reminisced about his school days and said, “I recall the time when we lived in pre-Independent India.

We were under the British masters and on 15 August, 1947, my two friends and I shouted ‘Jai Hind’. We were called by our Principal Canon Elphick and were caned. Later, when I met Elphick, he reminded me of the caning and said that it was a disciplinary act. We wish the present-day Cottonians take their punishments seriously and do well in life.”