Being socially aware

Being socially aware


Being socially aware

SUPRIYASupriya , Student

“It is very important to volunteer or be part of social service. As a youngster, I feel being part of programmes like teaching rural women and children have helped me become more responsible and built my confidence. It’s not that you have to do it like a full time job. Even if you dedicate just one day a week, you will feel the impact. Being part of such a thing should be a personal choice. Only then would one feel strongly towards that cause.”

Varun Gupta, Student

Varun Gupta “It is important for youngsters to volunteer for social work. They are disturbed by the unethical things going on but they don’t know what to do about it. Being part of     programmes or NGOs will provide us a platform. Moreover, I feel it is better if it is part of the curriculum. That way we will have a basic understanding of the issues in society. There will also be someone to guide us towards a better future.”

Neelam, Student

Neelam“Being part of such programmes is important for one’s future. Especially when it comes to being aware of ethical values. I plan to be a manager of a company and such programmes will help me on a personal level. Having it as part of the college curriculum is always better. It helps us learn things theoretically and implement them on a practical level. This is the right time and age to be part of social services. Once we start working, we won’t find the time for such causes. It’s good to contribute to society early in life.”

Ravi, Student

Ravi“It is important to be part of such programmes. But it also depends how much practical exposure one gets. By forcing students to join or volunteer for such programmes is not going to serve any purpose. Instead, if the teacher explains the pros and cons of the subject and leave the option to the students, only those who truly feel for the issues will get involved. That way, the real heroes will shine.”

Vinay, Student

Vinay“By making social work a part of the curriculum, its value diminishes. One begins to treat it like any other subject. It is something that has to come from within a person. Only then would there be more impact and a change
can be brought about.”  



 (As told to Megha Shenoy)