Honouring the bravehearts

Honouring the bravehearts

Honouring the bravehearts

Cancer has been termed as the ‘emperor of all maladies’ and there’s even a Pulitzer Prize winning book titled the same. While most people quake at the word, the crowd gathered at Hotel Royal Orchid knew better.

Health Care Global Enterprise (HCG) hosted a unique campaign called ‘Self V – Survivor Stories’, where participants were urged to send in 60-second videos of their battle against the deadly disease. The cancer care group received almost 150 heartwarming videos, out of which 10 were shortlisted and the winner walked away with a brand new Harley Davidson 750.

Sidharth Ghosh, who won the campaign, was left in tears after his name was called out. “Cancer is in the mind. I used to regularly go for marathons and I didn’t even know I had cancer. My doctors said I should have been exhausted by then, but I wasn’t. It’s just in the mind.” He said he would falter at times but he never wanted to let his parents see him cry so he stood strong.

He wasn’t the only winner there. Sknda, who has been battling bone cancer for the past year, just finished his 10th standard. He said, “I am very proud to have survived. It has been tough to go through all this and I am really glad I have come out of this.”

His mother said that this is actually a blessing in disguise because he was very meek before he was diagnosed but is a fighter now. Along with the award function, which saw many prizes being handed out, there was music by fusion band ‘Aurko’, ‘Alive Ensemble’ and stand-up comedy by the ‘Polished Bottoms’. Cricketer Harbhajan Singh graced the event and was the star attraction.

“I would like to say to all you champions sitting here that  just surviving is an act of cowardice. You all are champions. And champions always know how to win. And the kind of battle you have won, I don’t think anyone else ever can, be it any sportsman,” said the cricketer.

On seeing the videos, he said, “After coming here and watching all the videos, there are so many things that I have learnt about how life is not just about playing cricket or just chasing a ball. Life is way bigger than that and you guys have opened my eyes to that. The way you have fought and won against cancer is the biggest victory.”

Harbhajan added, “I don’t know how I got this fighting spirit in me. I was always a stubborn kid. I hated losing. And this quality took me forward in life. I used to feel bad after losing. This habit has gotten me this far. But after being here with you guys, I have got to learn even more. We just play a game and hate losing in that, but everyone loves their life, so how can anyone like losing that?”