If lyrics are good, budget doesn't matter: Usha Uthup

If lyrics are good, budget doesn't matter: Usha Uthup

If lyrics are good, budget doesn't matter: Usha Uthup

Pop icon Usha Uthup,known for her weakness towards anything related to Bengal, says she is not fussy with fees when it comes to good lyrics and music in Tolly flicks.

"If people hesitate to approach me, come on, it's not like that. I am not like that. What matters is good music and I know how talented people here are. Everything can't be measured by budget. And had Ushadi not been supportive?" Usha, who comes up in her own avatar in Gogoler Kirti and also croons a peppy number, told PTI here last night.

This was Uthup's first playback rendition in a Bengali film where she appears as an on-screen singing legend in a significant moment of the film and eggs on the child detective.

"I had turned up in fims earlier also. But I would love to be known as a singer, not as an actor-singer, or an actor who can sing. Again as I said I would love to be part of more Bengali films," the 'Ramba Main Samba' singer said.

Coming to her first Bengali playback,in last couple of years, Uthup says, In this film, "I sing Go Gogol Go and I had offered some suggestions in terms of interlude and intonation. Surojit (Chatterjee) was gracious enough to accept."

"Collaborating with Ushadi is a dream come true for more ways than one. To see how modest she is can be a lesson for any aspiring artiste," the Bhoomi frotnman, having cut golden disks of Surojit O Bondhura, said.

Produced by Ishanee Films, the fillm based on the story of a child detective by Naseeruddin-starrer Paar writer Samaresh Basu, will be released in September. PTI SUS AMD 08131242