In the light of freedom

In the light of freedom

As the country celebrates its 68th Independence Day, there is much to achieve and sacrifices to remember. There is yet again a resurgence of patriotism and a celebration of secularity. In the midst of all this, a few celebrities took time to talk about what this day means for them and what memories they have of it. 


“I’m pretty annoyed because even after 67 years, women are not treated with respect here. It is still unsafe for women to be out alone and we aren’t allowed to wear what we want without being ogled at. This isn’t called progress by any means. I’m very unhappy with the state of affairs. In school we used to wear white, eat mixture and once I danced for ‘Vande Mataram’. I used to feel proud before because my dad was in the defence but now I feel like we have disappointed everyone who have helped us gain our freedom.” 

 Samyukta Hornad: “Independence Day to me is about being grateful and paying respects to the people who fought for our freedom. The need to be free and heard and not restrained is what we as the youth should learn from our forefathers. This day, of all days, I feel grateful for being able to walk freely and do whatever I wish. I have lived in an apartment for the past five years and we celebrate Independence Day by singing patriotic songs, having lectures from eminent people and everyone comes together to celebrate the day.”  
SriiMurali: “I remember all of us gathering in the schoolground dressed in white for the flag-hoisting. Each one of us would stand respectfully when the National Anthem is sung. These are the images that come to my mind every time the day approaches. My wife Vidya is also very patriotic. She makes it a point to stand up whenever the National Anthem is sung, even if it is played on the radio or television. I value this day and we remember the leaders and others who fought for the freedom that we enjoy now.”

Raghu Mukherjee: “This day takes me back to my school days when I participated in the flag hoisting, march past and competitions that were held on Independence Day. The different houses in school like the red, blue, green... would compete really hard. Every year on Independence Day, we would have an air force officer who was invited as the chief guest and after seeing them I was inspired to become a fighter pilot. I think the thought of Independence Day really charges you up.”  
 Kriti Kharbanda: “My fondest memories of Independence Day go back to my school days. I was in the dance team and we would perform for every occasion. I still remember dancing to the tune of ‘Mere Desh Ki Dharti’ and dressed in the colours of the National Flag. I was always in green salwar. Each one us came in our traditional wear. When I was in grade two, I had to dress like a Punjabi and my mother cut her beautiful engagement salwar, which was one of my favourites, and stitched me a salwar suit from that. That for me is  the sweetest memory of Independence Day. Also, my grandparents used to narrate stories about how they had to come to India from Pakistan. My parents are very patriotic people. And thanks to them I am also patriotic.” 

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