Villagers, farmers protest against erratic water supply

Villagers, farmers protest against erratic water supply

Demanding adequate supply of water, the residents of Badagimanti in Kanaka Block of Hebbale staged a protest on Sunday.

The villagers waved empty pots to express their protest and shouted slogans against the Hebbale GP President.

The protesters urged the GP to drill a borewell to solve the woes of the residents.

Susheela, a resident said that there are 40 houses in Badagimanti. The colony has only one borewell. People have to wait for more than half an hour to get a pot of water. “We do not get enough water during summer. Hence, the Gram Panchayat should drill another borewell.” Lakshmi said that the gram panchayat has not taken any effort to supply water. “If the gram panchayat fail to initiate measures, then protest will be staged in front of the GP office,” she warned.

Farmers protest

In protest against erratic water supply from Harangi reservoir, farmers of Moolehola in Hebbale staged a protest on Sunday. The sub canal of the Harangi passes through Moolehola and Arlugada. However, the authorities are not supplying the water to the canal. The farmers shouted slogans slogans against the government and Harangi officials.

Farmer Mohan said “we were facing similar problem in 1990. The government has been spending lakh of rupees to desilt the canals. However, water has not been reaching us to irrigate our land. There is illegalities in the desilting work. The government should order probe into it.”

Another farmer Jagadish said “from the 12th canal, water is supplied to Moodalahola and Aralugada. It irrigates over 250 acres of land. Owing to lack of water, even after August we could not take up work on transplantation of paddy. If the authorities to fail to solve water woes within two days, then we will lock the office of Harangi engineers.”