'Marriage is not on the cards'

'Marriage is not on the cards'

'Marriage is not on the cards'

Ragini Dwivedi has her kitty full with many films and is juggling with her shooting schedules. In the midst of her jam-packed schedule, she went to Sri Lanka for a couple of days to do a photo shoot for a design brand.

Though she can’t reveal much about the shoot, she says that Sri Lanka is a fashionable place and the people there have a unique sense of dressing. “They have their own patterns and designs and this is reflected on their garments and the patterns that they showcase. Like Indians, the Sri Lankans too like to depict their culture through their clothes,” she says.

Ragini says that she enjoyed shooting in those garments and that the photo shoot was a different experience altogether.

Did the clothes have a particular theme? “The shoot was for a bridal wear collection and the clothes reflected the culture of the country. The Sri Lankans emphasise a lot on prints and use bright colours. Everybody has their own individuality and this can be seen in the shoot too,” she says.

Ragini has walked the ramp for many designers and posed for bridal wear designs for different designers like Tarun Tahiliani and Manish Malhotra. Ask her if the wedding bells will ring for her anytime soon and she smiles, “I have so much to do. Marriage is not on the cards anytime soon. There is a long way to go for that.”

Shooting in Sri Lanka was a unique experience, says Ragini. Commenting on the different looks she sported for the shoot, she says, “In India, we keep improving our look, be it hair or make-up. We are a bit more dramatic in India as here, the wedding is a gala affair. But in Sri Lanka, the focus is more on the natural look,” she says.

She feels that the concept of wedding itself is simpler there. “The focus is more on the garment,” she notes.

The actress, who is now being considered as an action actress thanks to her project ‘Ragini IPS’, is playing a yet another strong and thrilling character in her upcoming movie Ranachandi.