App to add 3D backgrounds to your photos

App to add 3D backgrounds to your photos

App to add 3D backgrounds to your photos

It is time to jazz up your photo albums with 3D sunsets or other scenic backgrounds on photo-sharing platforms like Instagram, Flickr or Tumblr.

Just download the latest photo-editing app called "Matter" from Pixite, a digital studio that makes apps for iPhones and iPads.

"It is going to help people who do not have laptops or software or photoshop. They can do this from the phone in their pocket," Ben Guerrette, creative director of Pixite, said.

With Matter, run-of-the-mill landscapes and cityscapes can be brightened.

Users need to upload any photo in Matter and then browse through four "object packs" - primitive objects, unique structures, Polyonfire collection, and organic elements.

Each pack has 3D objects that can be added and modified for reflectiveness and opacity to an image, reported.

"Alter the reality of your photos by seamlessly adding unique 3D objects. Choose from 64 objects in four packs ranging from simple geometric shapes to complex, architectural structures," Pixite said in a statement on its website.

You can also export your creations as high-resolution images or short video loops of objects spinning, pulsing and hovering in your photos.