Theme for a dream...

Theme for a dream...

The trees have been put up, the lights are on. And when the decorative lights blinked on Brigade Road, one could feel the Christmas spirit soaring in the City. Many streets around Johnson Market, Shivajinagar, Jayanagar, Frazer Town and other bazaars too are filled with stalls providing everything “Christmasy”.

Take a glimpse of the various stalls and pick the most unique and items that spell Christmas this season.
Decorations are one of the most popular part of the festivities. They are there everywhere. In shops, malls, hotels and homes. People take great effort in decorating them. Take a wider look at the markets and one will find the place festooned with garlands, hollies, stars and tiny tree hangings.
But what makes it unique is the personalised hollies that are available with inscribed messages of merriment and the theme-based decorations that are available in the market.

“Some like to decorate their houses and trees keeping a theme in mind. So to make things simple, we put together all the items one would need under a theme and sell it together,” says Matthew, a shopkeeper in Johnson Market.
The Christmas tree too comes in various shapes, sizes and materials, “Many go for the plastic tree which come in small shapes. It is a one time investment as they last for years together. Just plug it in and it even glows in the night,” says Manoj, a shopkeeper at Maruthi Nagar.

What is Christmas without Santa Claus? The City sure does get to see two different kinds of Santas. One in the malls where a nice, kind Santa entertaining the children.
The other one is on the streets and these are men wearing Santa masks (that even come with blonde hair and a cap) trying to sell them at signals.  
In the various bazaars, on the other hand, there are Santa dolls singing recorded songs, playing the drums and what not.
For the foodies too, there is a lot to dig into, apart from the plum cake. Many eateries around the City are creating Christmas hampers that is
ideal as gifts but there are also some stores that are coming out with ginger-bread man shaped cookies, Santa Claus chocolates. And if you want something more, there’s always the cake show.
The City may not be celebrating the season in  grandeur, but it sure does know how to make Christmas unique and special.

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