Conversations over food

innovative concept

Conversations over food

It is their passion for culinary arts that made this couple attempt an innovative venture. They started a restaurant called ‘Mangrove’ and eatery ‘OvenTreats’ in Kalyan Nagar.

Darshan and Tina Jadav ventured into the food business to bring back the practice of having conversations over food. Darshan says, “Nowadays, people are hooked to TV and other gadgets. We wanted to revive the concept of ‘eating as a family’. We want our food to be enjoyed over conversations.”

Tina, who was already in the baking industry, moved to Bangalore and worked as a pastry arts facilitator at the Institute of Baking and Cake Art (IBCA) for a couple of years.

   She soon opened a bakery of her own to give customers a tinge of health and taste together and the start-ups were conceived in 2010.

The bakery outlet offers a variety of goodies and cakes. Darshan says, “We both wanted to start this mainly because of our love for cooking and food. We focus on giving quality food to customers. We concentrate on healthy products and mainly want the younger generation to enjoy health and taste at an affordable price.”
The bakery offers a variety of breads, theme cakes, savouries and wedding cakes using classic recipes, sometimes with a modern, sinful twist. It also provides seasonal treats. ‘Mangrove’ offers a melange of treats like big-time burger, watermelon feta cheese salad and lamb chops.
Darshan adds that the pricing is reasonable to attract youngsters. “We buy our products from suppliers and brands and ensure that we are priced reasonably.”
Though Tina was into the business for a long time, Darshan slowly got hooked to it after their marriage.

“There were many challenges we faced while setting up this business. All start-ups don’t come easy due to financial constraints. Even we faced the problem of rent and suiting the tastes of our customers. Food is something subjective as each person has a different taste. So we can’t keep everybody happy all the time but we try to. We focus on quality and all the items are cooked fresh,” he says.

The couple love to experiment with their food and enjoy eating out.
 “We experiment a lot with different ingredients. We combine traditional and quirky ingredients to create new dishes like lamb chops with pomegranate juice. We are trying to expand our next project,” they say. Darshan and Tina also love to explore new hangouts. “We always go out together and try out different items. Bangalore is a great City and gives us a lot of encouragement through its food culture,” they sum up.

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