'I am a director's actor'

'I am a director's actor'

Challenging Role

'I am a director's actor'

His good looks and soft, shy ways haven’t changed over the years. Raghu Mukherjee continues to be swooned over wherever he goes.

After his role in Savaari, he was offered a couple of films but he was always keen on doing an action film. “I wouldn’t mind undergoing special training for a film. I don’t want to do mundane action sequences like blowing up cars or mindless bloodshed. There should be some logic behind the action sequences,” reasons Raghu.

Raghu may have been slow in choosing projects but the much-hyped Superro Ranga in which he plays a substantial role alongside Upendra has released today. He plays the character of a ruthless cop in the film.

“I played the role of a cop in Akramana as well. So I am not really new to playing a cop but I must say that I feel like a real cop every time I slip into the uniform. I take a lot of pride in wearing the uniform,” Raghu tells Metrolife.

Raghu observes that although Superro Ranga is a remake of Telugu blockbuster ‘Kick’, the movie has been tweaked to suit the local taste.

 Recollecting how he bagged the role, Raghu says that he got a call from producer Manju asking him if he would like to play a cop in Superro Ranga.

“I watched the original version and was impressed with the subject and the way it was shot. So, I didn’t think twice before accepting the role. We have a good team, with every actor being a star in his or her own right,” he explains. How did he hit it off with Upendra? “We got along very well and our friendship went beyond the script. Our closeness helped better the performance,” he adds.   

Raghu thinks his biggest strength is to be able to say ‘no’ to something he’s not comfortable doing and he makes sure he concentrates only on one film at a time. He doesn’t believe in doing films just for commercial success.

“I want people to remember me for the roles I do. I would like to do realistic films rather than portray a larger-than-life character. I am a director’s actor because a director knows best how a character should be projected,” he signs off.