Women think it's not necessary to take husband's last name: Survey

Last Updated 27 September 2014, 12:55 IST

Indian traditions tell women to take their husband's last name after marriage. But a survey has revealed that the majority of Indian women think it as an unnecessary practice.

The survey was conducted to understand what Indian men and women think about equality in marriage by online matrimony website Shaadi.com.

Out of all, 65.7 per cent women said it's unnecessary and 34.3 per cent said changing the surname doesn't matter as it is a tradition.

"We at Shaadi.com believe that marriage is a lifelong journey where both men and women walk as equals and always respect and support each other. It is equality in marriage that leads to a happy marital life," Gourav Rakshit, COO, Shaadi.com, said in a statement.

When Indian men were asked the same question in regard with the surname, 46.1 percent said yes which was followed by 24.6 percent who said no while 29.3 per cent said it doesn't matter and it is up to women to decide.

Also, when women were asked about whether it is fair for a woman to leave her parents house and move in with her husband 67.9 per cent said it's unfair and 32.1 per cent said "they are okay moving into their husband's place."

And among men, 63.5 per cent agreed to the point that women should move into their husband's house, while 17.2 per cent said it's unfair, followed by 19.3 per cent of men who think both should move out of their parents house and stay together separately.

The survey also highlighted that 72.1 per cent women think it is necessary to be financially independent after marriage, whereas, 61.4 per cent men agree that women should be economically independent after marriage.

When the question about who rules the kitchen was asked, 39.4 per cent men said it is the responsibility of the women to cook for their family, whereas 68.2 per cent refuted the claim and said it is not their responsibility only to cook for the family.

(Published 27 September 2014, 12:55 IST)

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