Shutterbugs run for the best click

Shutterbugs run for the best click

Shutterbugs run for the best click

Three hours’ time was all the participants had in the first round of the ‘Photomarathon’ in the City, with a challenge ahead of them. 

On a hot Sunday morning, with just three hours to their credit, shutterbugs had to go around the City and capture ‘tranquility’ which was the theme given to them in round one of the Fifth edition of the Canon’s Photomarathon.

Roaming crowded streets and a place like Richmond town to capture the theme, coming back and uploading the images would have been quite a challenge. Thanks to the creative minds, it was done with ease.

“Tranquility is all around. It only depends on how we choose to look at it,” said one of the participants who had come from Chennai to take part in the event. Simple as it sounded, the winning photo spoke volumes. Jackson Johnson’s photograph that won one of the awards was simple. It was a green leaf floating on a puddle with the shadow of clouds over it.

The theme for the second round was ‘chaos’. While many were seen capturing traffic jams on roads, Johnson just thought apart. A crowded auto and a wall with a number of AC ducts in the backdrop was what he chose.

Vivek Mathur was declared the grand prize winner of the event while Jackson Johnson and Jayapratabh Mathuraiveeran were the other winners of the event.
The event saw the participation of over 400 people from across the Country. Enthusiasts, primarily DSLR users and hobbyist photographers were seen participating in the event.

Dr Alok Bharadwaj, Executive Vice President, Canon India said, “We believe that the photomarathon is a definitive platform to bring together the photographers’ talent and turn it into a day filled with fun and learning. The focus of this event is not sales but application of individual creative talent to draw self-gratification with a feeling of community.”