Cycling their way through

Cycling their way through

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A group of cycle enthusiasts got their hands dirty during Workbench Project’s fourth edition of ‘Maker Weekend: A Workshop on Bicycle Repair, Care and Maintenance’.

The event, which was held at Rangoli Metro Arts Centre over the weekend, saw cyclists from across the City, converge on the tiny space, to learn from field specialists Pavan Muthanna and Nikhil Ram Mohan from Crankmeister Bicycle Works, the art of fixing a cycle.   Sitting in a circle, the group discussed the various pros of cycling. Many of them shared their experiences of how cycling has changed their life. Satya Shankaran, who has been an IT professional for the last 20 years, said, “About four years ago, I realised that I had become very unhealthy.

My posture and sitting were all wrong. My doctor recommended that I get some exercise and that’s when I started swimming, cycling and running.” He added, “I like cycling the best because I can go long distances on it. Now, I have started to go to work on my bike two to three times a week.”  

Mention “cycle” and most people would have a concern with safety, the cyclists said ‘nay’. They argue that cars and two-wheelers are just as dangerous. “I think bikes are more dangerous than cycles because they are more powerful,” argued Satya.
But Dvani, a graphic designer, said she hasn’t been able to ride her cycle for a while now because her mother is concerned about her safety. “When I was in school, I would use my cycle to go everywhere. My school was just a few kilometres away and so were the tuitions,” said Dvani. 

Youngsters like Tanmai, who is in the eighth grade, were also there to attend the workshop. He said, “I started cycling in my block and now I like it a lot. I’m not really worried about the traffic, I just like to cycle in the rain.” 

Overall, the workshop was a success, as people learnt the art of caring for and maintaining their bikes.