'There's a lot of scope for performance'

'There's a lot of scope for performance'

'There's a lot of scope for performance'

It was a natural course for actress Remya Nambeesan. After making a mark in the Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam film industries, the actress had only Sandalwood left to ensure that her southern spread was complete.

“I have been getting a lot of offers from the Kannada film industry for a couple of years now. But none of them were impressive. I was particular that my launch in Kannada should be a big one and I’ve got what I wanted with this project,” Remya tells Metrolife. 

So when she got an offer to act in PC Shekar’s ‘Style King’ opposite ‘Golden Star’ Ganesh, she just grabbed it. “I have always been choosy and conscious about my characters. I believe in taking risks because sometimes, the risks you take work in your favour,” Remya explains. In ‘Style King’, Remya plays a challenging role.

“My character is very intense and I play a woman who is emotionally torn between her family and the man she loves. How she struggles to keep the two together forms the crux of the story. There is a lot of scope for performance,” states Remya. 

Remya is not the typical hot and glamourous heroine but there is an unmistakable boldness about her that makes her attractive. She started off as a child artiste and raked in critical reviews for her brilliant performance in Malayalam films ‘Traffic’ and Chaappa Kurish in 2011.

Remya has also sung for some of the movies she has acted in and in fact, she has been offered to sing for her character in ‘Style King’. “I’ve got so much love and support from people after I began singing. They accept me more as a singer now and I am overwhelmed by their love. I am glad that I get to sing in my Kannada debut. This is the first time I am singing for my character,” she states. 

Remya holds high regards for the Kannada film industry. “Bhama, Bhavana and I are good friends and they’ve told me how well actors are treated in the Kannada film industry,” she quips. About Ganesh, Remya says, “I realised that Ganesh was a big star when people went crazy when we were shooting. He is very supportive and I don’t feel like I am acting with a stranger,” she signs off.