'BJP will get more than absolute majority'

'BJP will get more than absolute majority'

Information and broadcasting minister and BJP leader from Maharastra Prakash Javadekar  believes that his party stands to gain most out of the anti-incumbency against the 15-year-long rule of the outgoing Congress-NCP government. Javadekar spoke to Dalip Singh of the Deccan Herald on the BJP’s prospects and the fallout of the break up with Shiv Sena in the assembly polls. Excerpts:

What are the chances of the BJP in the Maharashtra elections now that it has parted ways with its 25-year-old ally Shiv Sena? 

The BJP will get absolute majority and in fact, it will get more than absolute majority. There is no change of people’s mood since the Lok Sabha elections where they voted one side to install Narendra Modi as the prime minister. Besides, the people are angry with the 15-year-long government of Congress-NCP since it was beset with corruption and misgovernance.  The Congress and NCP will get the worst tally this time.

Shiv Sena chief Udhav Thackeray accused the BJP top leadership for ending the umbrella alliance and said that it would have remained intact had Rajnath Singh was party chief.

We wanted the alliance with Sena to remain alive (Sena has not withdrawn its lone minister in the NDA government).  On the contrary, had Sena founder Bala Saheb Thackeray been alive, we would have fought the elections together.

Shiv Sena is trying to turn this election into a fight to protect Marathi asmita (pride) by levelling allegations that the BJP is trying to divide the state. It seems to be getting support from Raj Thackeray of MNS and NCP’s Sharad Pawar… 

First of all, let me clarify that Vidarbha is not a political issue at all during the assembly elections as Telangana statehood was during the parliamentary polls.  The PM has also quelled speculation other parties are trying to spread by saying that as far as he is in Delhi, no one can split Maharastra.

Why is BJP shying away from taking on Shiv Sena despite repeated provocation?
The BJP is fighting the elections on a positive campaign. We have decided to abstain from issues raised by any political party if it is not linked to the people who are more interested in knowing what parties will offer if they come to power.