Shop ordered to pay for defective sofa

Shop ordered to pay for defective sofa

After repeated calls, a person from the shop arrived at the client’s house in the night and dumped an old, white sofa set. When the client refused to accept the sofa, the person from shop told him that it was the same sofa that he had ordered for.

Legal notices sent were ignored by the firm and finally Narayan complained to the Ist Additional Consumer Forum. Its President Sri Bajentri H M said in his order that by delivering the sofa at night, the shop owner’s intention was to ensure that the customer did not see the colour or the condition of the defective sofa. He ordered Orange Wood to either give a good sofa or return his money and pay Rs 10,000 as compensation.

Vanity case
Nitesh Bakshi paid Rs 2,215 for a Vesta CHB mixer and waste coupler to Home Town in Marathahalli. The shop had promised to give a free Inex Mini Vanity case to go with the mixer. But none of these products appeared. Instead  a damaged product was delivered to the client. The forum ordered the shop to pay a compensation of Rs 2,000.
Defective sofa set

Babitha Shree M R and her mother bought a sofa set, teapoy and dining table for Rs 28,750 from Smart Furnitures on Infantry Road.

The sofa set was delivered at night and was found to be defective. Also, they did not receive any receipt for the payment made. Finding the shop owner guilty of unfair trade practices the consumer forum has ordered it to take back the defective sofa and instead give a good one to the client and pay a compensation of Rs 5000.

Refund of deposit
Dodd’s Enterprises had paid Rs Four lakh as security deposit to India Household & Health to take up the LG Care materials distributorship.

As the required materials were not supplied, the enterprises complained to the Consumer Forum. President of the  Forum T Rajashekariah has ordered the India Household & Health to refund Rs Four lakh along with a compensation of Rs 50,000.