Broken promise

Broken promise

Broken promise

Sir, this  is  pure  and  simple  hypocrisy. The  "U-turn on black  money" by the  BJP   govt    should  not  be  tolerated  by  any right-thinking  people  of  India. It  is a  deliberate   deception on  the  millions  of  voters  who  voted  BJP into  power. The BJP promised  that one  of  its priorities would   be  to  reveal  the  names  of  boarders and  bring  back  the  money in  the  service  of  the  country. This  is  unpardonable   that  the  Modi-govt  is  following  the  former  UPA's policy of  defending  the looters.  Why  and  whom   is  PM Modi  afraid  of ? The citizens have a  right  to  know. When  they  know about  the  looters,  they  will  have  the commonsense  to  deal  with  them  too.


For a better commuting

Sir, in today's world where motorized transport is creating a chaos and most private vehicle run amok, pedestrians and cyclists have tough time on the road.  Tender Sure projects and BBPM have atleast hit the right path and moving in the right direction.  Many European cities have reduced road widths and paved way for cycling and walking.  This ensures less chaos and is one of the most important traffic controlling methods.  Gradually, but surely the City's health will improve as seamless pavements will encourage more people to walk and cycle.  The next step is to integrate public transport and provide dedicated lanes for buses.  Hence, the headline of your article 'A recipe for chaos on St.Mark's Road' is misleading.  The reporter should make an attempt to understand Traffic Engineering concepts and not get swayed by the emotions of vehicle owners.

Arun S Padaki
Via e-mail

Archaic mindsets

Sir, Facebook and Apple are reinventing archaic mindsets. Apparently we have not evolved as a progressive society from the days of bonded slavery of the liege lords of yore.  Women  are destined to differential wages  as endorsed by no less than Satya Nadella. But women are vitally needed in the genre of industries today, particularly in IT. Given our mindset towards women inside and out of the workplace, the out-of-the-box idea of freezing eggs was not entirely unexpected. At least providing baby creches helped the child growing along with the mother but with " Egg Creches" the baby becomes a bonded entity even before it is born .  The former arrangement had acknowledged the right of women to rear a child and latter would blatantly put  the onus of such a denial on the woman herself, piously taking shelter under her "career fixation". The tenets of sixteenth century are being embellished by technology of the twenty first !


Whistleblower officer

Sir, according to a report of IAS Officer Rashmi, director general of Administrative Training  Institute, a scam close to Rs 100-crore took place during the term of her predecessor IAS officer  Amita Prasad (2008-14). The fact that for such a long period it did not come to light and that it was made public by Ms Rashmi who took over the office very recently  indicates that  many other officials serving at various capacities in ATI are involved in the scam. And the  assault on Rashmi including by former employees of the contractor, whose tender was rejected, is a proof of the unholy nexus that exist in the department. The charges against Rashmi that she broke the protocol  was not sustainable and considering that high officials are involved in the scam, nothing short of investigation by the CBI will do justice to this case.

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana
Via e-mail