Hot tools harm tresses

Brittle Hair

Blow drying your hair or going for flat ironing might give your locks the style you want, but don’t raise your brows if you end up with brittle tresses, says an expert.

“Our hair is made of protein complex, bound by many bonds between the hair proteins. The heat application of blow-drying and ironing makes the water soluble hydrogen bonds of hair break and reform again,” Snehal Sriram, a hair expert, said. 

“This is what makes the hair set the way we make them during blow drying or ironing,” she said. She says that when the bond-breaking happens frequently, the reforming of the hair bonds get affected and the result is “brittle and breakage prone hair”.

The expert adds this damage can be prevented. “Use the cold mode of hair dryer rather than hot mode. This may increase the time taken to dry the hair, but it will not damage the hair as much. If you do need to iron your hair, use a heat protective serum. This helps to some extent, not 100 per cent.” 

“Use the right hair care products based on your hair and scalp type, this prevents further roughening of hair structure. If your hair is hea­lthy, it can withstand the da­m­age much better,” Sriram said.

She suggests eating right and including “fatty acids like walnuts, almonds, grilled fish, flax seeds in your diet everyday.

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