'We are planning to conquer the world'

'We are planning to conquer the world'


The ‘Bacardi NH7 Weekender’ is something that every music-lover looks forward to every year. And with ‘Scribe’ performing as part of it this year, music aficionados have all the more reasons to rejoice.

 Comprising Prashant Shah (guitars), Akshay Rajpurohit (guitars), Srinivas S (bass), Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy (vocals) and Viru (drums), ‘Scribe’ has been surprising fans and critics alike with their take on metal since 2006. “We all used to play in different bands before that. We came together when Neeraj, our former drummer, and Srinivas, our bassist, wanted to form a band,” explains Prashant. The name ‘Scribe’ came about quite quickly too as he informs, “No thought went into it. It was a random name that was easy to pronounce.” 

The metal heads from Mumbai have no qualms about admitting that they are big Bollywood buffs, an odd combination for a rockstar. Their last album ‘Mark of Teja’ was named after Paresh Rawal’s character in Andaz Apna Apna and their current album ‘Hail Mogambo’ is in memory of one of the greatest villains in the history of Bollywood. “We have grown up on Bollywood of the 90s and try to be honest to ourselves. We don’t look it as a great piece of art like the works of Scorsese or Spielberg, but Bollywood was something that was all around us.

For instance, I grew up to the songs of Govinda. In fact, when the five of us get together, we even talk in that lingo,” notes Prashant. “But our songs aren’t Bollywood in style at all. We just like to throw in a dash of fun element to our performances when required,” he adds.  The band is all set to play tracks from ‘Hail Mogambo’ at ‘NH7 Weekender’. “We will also play our old tracks and there will be some unexpected surprises too,” informs Prashant. “A few years back, the crowd in Bangalore was very particular about what it wanted to listen to. But over the years, people have started accepting and embracing newer things. We expect a great reaction from the City,” he exclaims. 

Speaking of surprises, their shows have included all-girl moshpits, pav bhaji stalls, beach balls, poetry recitals, inflatable pool crowd surfing, court-room dramatisations, skits and other fun-filled shenanigans.

    “We are spontaneous and there is no formula that we follow. It all depends on Vishwesh, our vocalist, and the audience. Of course an idea like the pav bhaji stall needs to be planned in advance,” he adds. ‘Scribe’, which has toured all across the country, now wants to spread its wings internationally. “We want to tour the world and that’s pretty much the plan after our Indian conquest! We are planning to conquer the world,” Prashant sums up. 

    ‘Scribe’ will be performing live in Bangalore as part of the ‘Bacardi NH7 Weekender’ on November 8 at Embassy International Riding School, Devanahalli.