Cops ready to handle religious events

Cops ready to handle religious events

To change Muharram procession route in Trilokpuri

Delhi Police have decided to change the route for Muharram procession in riot-affected Trilokpuri to ward off any further trouble. Heavy deployment of riot-control police and rapid action force is already in place to restore sense of security.

On first day of Chhath Puja on Wednesday, the security personnel held their post as devotees made their way to ghats in the evening.The intensified vigil will continue till Muharram, at least.

“The situation is calm as of now but we are in no mood to take chances. Some mischievous elements may create trouble. So we have changed the main route from where the processions are taken in order to curb chances of confrontation between the two communities,” said a police officer.

According to locals, shias in Trilokpuri usually go back to their native place to observe Muharram on November 4. “Most of them go back to their villages. Sunnis, however, stay back and hold tazias here,” Sahabuddin Saifi said.

“In fact, they are gone days ago. Most of them are from western Uttar Pradesh,” added Saifi.With mutual suspicion and mistrust still ruling people’s mind, locals will not be allowed to forge swords, spears and other weapons during the Muharram processions.

“Some of the people had swords, but those were rusted ones. Still people were arrested,” said Sharib Hussain, a resident of Block 26, while claiming that a few arrests were made on misleading grounds. “It is meant to be peaceful show of strength.”

Despite precautionary measures, rumourmongering on both sides continues.
In Block 28, Suresh was seen packing up to leave for a ‘safer place’ with his family of five.
“We are getting both ourselves and our cattle out of here. This situation isn’t good here. I am getting daily headaches. So we are going someplace more peaceful,” he said, adding he will return when tension eases.

But Saifi claimed that there are outsiders’ involvement in stirring up the violence in the area. “Those who had to create trouble have fled the place,” he said.

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