Inspired by a true story

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Inspired by a true story

Kannada producer Bharat Jain has turned director with Kannada film '6-5=2’. Bharat is known for introducing new talent in the Kannada film industry and this is precisely what he did with ‘6-5=2’. He took the risk and made the film with new faces. It did exceptionally well and is now being remade into Hindi and will release on November 14.

Bharat, an adventure enthusiast and an avid trekker, has narrated a true incident in the movie. The happenings narrated in the film is something that happened to Bharat and his friends on one of their treks.

“I was in college and we were on one of our treks. Suddenly one of our friends went missing. We haven’t been able to trace him till date. We read about a lot of people going missing when trekking in the forest. This is why, I thought I would make it into a film,” says Bharat.

Bharat has distributed over 90 films and produced five, including 'Mussanje Mathu', 'Chirru' and has co-produced 'Bahaddur' under the banner, Mars Films, but turning a director was no easy task, confesses Bharat.

“I would say that production is any day easier than direction. But directing is a great experience because I learnt a lot and had to look into the smallest detail to make sure nothing is amiss,” says Bharat.

The first step towards getting started was to muster enough guts to tell the story. “Since, it is a true story, the essence of it had to be conveyed well and I wanted new faces. So after a hectic audition of 300 candidates in Mumbai, I chose the six protagonists. This was the beginning,” he recollects.

Bharat points out that the film is made differently, with not much action and no songs. “I didn’t want to compromise on the narration style by adding songs, although I know songs
play an important part in the success of a film. I was firm on keeping songs out of this project and concentrate on telling the story,” he adds.
The project was shot on a shoe-string budget but Bharat has invested a lot of money on the technical front for the Hindi version. “The idea here is not only to watch the film but to experience it as well. There are no gory scenes but all effort has been made to tell the story rather subtly,” he says.   

The edge-of-the-seat film has new faces such as Prashantt Guptha, Ashrut Jain, Gaurav Paswalla, Gaurav Kothari, Disha Kapoor and Niharica Raizada. The cinematography is by Sathya Hegde.

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