Spunky 90-yr-old fights off snatcher

Thief flees with money, leaves scooter

A 90-year-old retired Civil Aviation Ministry employee fought back a robber and even briefly overpowered him near AIIMS while returning home after withdrawing money from a bank.

The robber managed to escape boarding a bus and has been out of police’s reach till now. However, he left behind his scooter following the resistance.

The scooter has been seized and police its owner traced to east Delhi’s Pandav Nagar, said an officer.

The owner has claimed that he sold the two-wheeler to someone five years ago.
Victim Kanhaiya Lal Badola was returning to his home in Jor Bagh in an autorickshaw around 11.30 pm on Wednesday after withdrawing Rs 60,000 from a bank in South Extension Part-II.

As he was nearing AIIMS, a man in his mid-40s allegedly intercepted the three-wheeler and said he was sent by the bank, said an officer.

‘Problem with notes’

“He claimed there were some problems with the currency notes issued to him by the bank and asked the victim to accompany him. He even paid the autorickshaw driver from his own pocket,” said the officer.

As soon as the autorickshaw left, he asked Badola to show him the notes.

He then tried to snatch the notes from him and flee, but Badola decided to challenge him.
He clung on to the robber for about a minute and screamed to draw the attention of passersby.

Two autorickshaw drivers noticed the scuffle and rushed to his aid. However, Badola could not hold on to the robber for long and loosened his grip before help reached him.

Catches bus

This gave the robber an opportunity to push away the victim, and he boarded a running bus to escape.

Badola suffered minor injuries in the scuffle and lost his money. Kotla Mubarakpur police have registered a case.

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