A new beginning

A new beginning

Floating along with the waves is an art and gives immense pleasure. Dead bodies do not drown but only people who are alive drown. That is because they fight with the ocean. In life, we should learn to float and not fight. This is a great learning experience.

How is it possible to float with life and not fight it?
Please get the spirit of what is being said. Fight is also part of life. However, the art of wise living involves knowing how one can be relaxed in life. In martial arts like Judo, we observe how humble and relaxed the fighters are. Learn to relax. The meaning of Judo, is the way of gentleness. Even if you have to fight, be alert and relaxed.

For example, if you encounter a snake and are tense, you may fall on the snake and harm yourself. Alternatively, if you are alert and relaxed, you may not have to kill the snake; it may just pass you by.

Fight when required, your fight will then be a flow of relaxation.

When someone shouts at you, just keep your body relaxed and be alert to what he is saying. When you are alert, your mind is calm. Your body is a good anchor to play with. The intention to relax will make the body relax. Remember that a tense body creates a tense mind and a tense mind impacts the body again.

Make relaxation a part of life even when you eat, take a bath, walk… let all your movements have a quality of relaxation.

Reflect on this:
A lady approached a Taoist monk and said, "My mother-in-law is creating hell in my life. Can you give me some medicine to kill her?"
The monk gave her some medicine to mix in tea and said there is one condition. "Be very kind and loving to her, only then will the medicine work. Also, when she dies no one will suspect you. She will die after two months.

After one month she returned to the monk and pleaded, "I do not want my mother-in-law to die, she has changed. She is very kind to me nowadays." The monk said, "More than the medicine, it is your love that worked."

Just bring your loving energy in whatever you do. See the miracle of love. It will uplift you and others too.

The power of love is God. God is not an entity. God is a principle… the principle of pure goodness.
Let the new beginning in 2010 bring health, wealth and prosperity more importantly clarity and wisdom to all Deccan Herald readers.