Parents seek better infra for special children

Parents, who participated in the ‘Voice of Special Children,’ on Friday, demanded the government to strengthen facilities for differently-abled children who do not have access to schools.

The government is taking into account only those who have access to schools or visit the Primary Health Centres. However, a large section of children are at home with no education or health facilities reaching them. This approach is pushing them to the brink, they complained.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Anthu, a teacher from Mathru School, Yelahanka, said, “They are talking only about facilities in Anganwadis. The truth is that Anganwadi workers are not trained in fulfilling with the needs of special children. Many do not approach the hospitals as the child might not be in a position to travel or there might not be anyone at home who can accompany the child. The government has to reach out to children at home.”

Securing Aadhaar card is becoming a problem with banks insisting families to provide it as a proof for opening accounts. If families have to secure pension (Rs 1,200) meant for the differently-abled they have to open a bank account. Collecting it by hand or through post office posed a risk of losing money through middlemen. Parents and activists at the venue urged the government not to insist on Aadhaar cards for the beneficiaries.
Speaking on the occasion, Eranna, Registrar, Human Rights Commission, expressed his disappointment with the poor show by government officials. The Commission members said in spite of inviting officials, there was poor response from their end.

Parents and activists vented their ire against the apathy. Parents who shared several problems faced by special children in schools were disappointed that there was no representative from the education department.

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