Generous with junk


Generous with junk

He could have as well asked her to visit a house that had no junk. Yes. Each house has its quota and variety of junk accumulated over the years. When an item has outlived its utility but we are reluctant to discard it, we shunt it to the storeroom or the attic. Just like the way some politicians are packed off to Raj Bhavans. So junk is what we used yesterday and stored today for possible use tomorrow or the day after.

An item is like a human being. It starts growing old the day it is born; for each new item that makes its entry into the house, some old item has to exit. As Newton famously put it — two things cannot occupy the same place at the same time. Call it affinity or emotional attachment, sometimes we cannot throw away an item and such items get the junk status and occupy some space in the designated junkyard of the house.

And one fine morning the lady of the house may feel like verifying the stock. Or the hubby himself might go in for stock checking. Maybe one of them or both might be looking for an item whose utility could be restored; or trying to find some space so that another item can be pushed there to make way for a new one that is being contemplated to be added to the home décor. Or it could be simple house cleaning job.

So on that fine morning, that task begins. And you virtually open the Pandora’s Box in the store or the attic or the garage. As you spread out the items that once served you or decorated your sweet home you go down the memory lane. But sometimes you start wondering why you are even holding on to these items. You are enveloped by an urge to get rid of them. But how?

Now, you are the most generous person on this side of Vrishbhavati because you are willing to donate them all and expect nothing in return. All that you need is some obliging soul who can cart away that junk in as is where is condition.

Cometh the hour cometh the man or woman. In our case, it was the maid servant who found our junk useful. And she carried them home. But when will she discard it as junk? I do not know but could be someday when another generous soul like me gives away his junk to her. After all as Newton said two things...

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