Shaking a leg to many tunes

Shaking a leg to many tunes


Shaking a leg to many tunes

It was a day of extravaganza with students from various City colleges and dance groups performing to different tunes. It was a competition where students fought tooth and nail for the prize. There were no restrictions on the style of dancing. The audience got to see everything, from hip-hop to Indian classical dancing.

There were bits and pieces of salsa thrown in as well. The songs chosen included current pop, hip-hop and rock favourites as well as foot-tapping Bollywood numbers. Props were also made use of. One group danced to a 'Backstreet Boys' song called Everybody. They had covered their faces with red and black coloured masks and wore costumes with skeletons printed on them. They created an eerie effect with their dance.

There was another performance wherein a girl danced after dressing herself in both the genders. There were also many who paid tribute to musical legend Michael Jackson by replicating his moves and dancing to his music.

“We are conducting this dance competition to bring out the hidden talents among people. There is talent but there are not many platforms to showcase it,” said Srinivasalu, one of the organisers. There were 40 solo and 20 group performances and the participants were in the age group of 13-25.

“It is a really nice competition and the participants have set very high standards with their dancing. The contestants are of high calibre. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, I hope our group wins,” said Pooja, one of the participants. “The instructors have also been very helpful and the event has been managed well,” she added.

There was only one winner for the group performance and one for solo. Sandhan and group won the prize in the group dance section while Praveen, a Jain college student, won the prize for solo dancing. The winners were given cash prizes.