'Rapist' stages gun attack to implicate victim's brother

'Rapist' stages gun attack to implicate victim's brother

A 22-year-old man has been accused of getting himself shot at to implicate a gang-rape victim’s brother in outer Delhi’s Mangolpuri on Sunday. A case has been filed, police said on Monday.

Culprit Sanjay was also accused of being involved in the gang-rape of his neighbour in 2012.

On Sunday, he approached police with a gunshot wound in his hand.
“Sanjay claimed to have been shot at by the gang-rape victim’s brother,” a police officer said.

During a probe, the victim’s family told police that Sanjay and his family members were forcing them to withdraw the rape case.

The victim’s brother was initially detained on the basis of Sanjay’s statement.
But he was released after the probe and a case was filed against Sanjay.

On Sunday, Sanjay was admitted to Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital.
A call was made to the police control room after which his statement was recorded.

Sanjay told police that he was shot by his neighbour, but it seemed he was misleading police.

“Sanjay was out on bail in the gang-rape case. After the probe, we have come to a conclusion that he got himself shot to put pressure on the victim’s family,” the officer added.

Sanjay will be arrested after he is discharged from the hospital.
The gang-rape victim’s brother works with a chemist in the area and is the sole breadwinner of the house.

The family has been fighting the case for the last two years. Four men had gang-raped the class 9 girl in 2012.

They were arrested, but Sanjay and a co-accused have been granted bail.
The girl’s family claimed that Sanjay’s family has tried every trick to force them to withdraw the case.

They have been offered money and also threatened with dire consequences.
When all there attempts had failed, they allegedly resorted to get the girl’s brother arrested in a fake case.

Due to the history of the gang-rape case, officer of the district, including Additional Commissioner of Police (Outer) Vikramjit Singh, were involved in the probe.

“After sustained interrogation, Sanjay has confessed that he planned to get the gang-rape victim’s brother arrested to put pressure on the family,” the officer added.

A fresh case under section 195 (giving or fabricating false evidence) of the Indian Penal Code has been filed against Sanjay with Mangolpuri police station.

The victim’s family told police that the girl stopped going to school after the incident.
She currently lives with her relatives in east Delhi.  
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