The power of five

The power of five

The power of five

Men in style Fashion is for him, as much as it is for her. Vito Dell’Erba offers an insight into the fascinating world of men’s fashion. Predicting trends for 2015, he lays emphasis on revival of the classic styles.

Over the years, fashion has been gaining more prominence in men’s lives. It isn’t restricted to women anymore. However, when compared to women’s fashion, men’s fashion evolves at a relaxed pace.

The change in trends may not be easily recognisable, but there’s a definite shift in attitudes – from tectonic and stately to fashionable and quirky. Men are progressing to new colour palettes, modern patterns and bold prints, giving an edge to the conservative look.

Formal wear is getting trendier with new fits and fabrics, that add a different appeal. The main crux of men’s lifestyle, though, is that they require fashion that appeals to their needs rather than the current trends.

With subtle changes and radical shift in trends, the upcoming men’s fashion is about reviving the old classics, with a touch of detailing, to make it a raging fashion statement.

Today, it has become extremely crucial for men to dress well, change their wardrobe regularly, use proper accessories and try innovative styles.
Here are five trends that will rule the roost in 2015:

Bleed blue
The most significant part of an
apparel industry is the trending colour of the season. Blue is the new black for men in 2015 in the formal wear category. This colour is considered to be classic, elegant and stylish, and can be worn for any occasion, be it casual, formal or evening wear.

One can go for all shades in blue as it has numerous mid-tones such as dusk blue,
classic blue, scuba blue, with the most-preferred one being royal blue. Suits fashioned in blue can be made with a modern flair by giving it a shorter and slimmer fit and teaming it up with narrow-fitting trousers.

Back in vogue
Double-breasted jackets are back in style from the 1900s and are here to stay for a while. It is not easy to carry off a double-breasted jacket, as it is best-suited to men with a lean figure.

These jackets should be sleekly-tailored, finely-fitted around the waist and kept shorter. A lot also depends on the cut of the jacket. Don’t focus too much on the shoulders here. Instead, go in for a natural fit and give a soft appeal.

Embracing the modern minimalistic changes while retaining the original look, double-breasted jackets can make an elegant fashion statement. On a Friday evening, one can team it up with a pair of chinos or dark jeans for a more relaxed look.

Deconstruct, dude
Ever since men’s style has shifted from the formal, stiff, uniform look to a more
relaxed and informal one, deconstructed or unconstructed jacket has become a reigning trend in men’s fashion.

Since this jacket has no padding on the shoulder, collars and sleeves, it provides more comfort and ease. Wearing a deconstructed jacket gives a man the freedom to move freely and feel confident.

Jackets in varied colours such as rust, maroon, mustard and earthy brown are preferable. Mix and match these wonderful jackets with anything from chinos to jeans to shorts for an effortless look.

Pins of beauty
Men today are well-synced with the current trends in fashion and don’t shy away from experimenting with the latest styles. Accessories have become the new essentials. It has become a crucial part of a man’s wardrobe helping him
complete that perfect look.

Brooches are the new emerging trend that add to the style quotient of one’s
personality. It is one of the modern ways to decorate suits and jackets in order to create a style statement.

One can do without a tie or a pocket square and instead pair-up the jacket with a brooch. Animal patterns such as cobras, beetles, horned deer and owls are perfect for adventurous men.

Feet comfort
Good pairs of coloured striped or checkered socks are preferable. White socks are a complete no-no! Never go in for plain white socks, unless you are Michael Jackson.

One of the coolest things is the no-sock effect, that is, invisible socks – they can be teamed up with a good pair of moccasins on formal or casual wear. They are specifically designed to match the shape of loafers or boat shoes giving a ‘sock-less’ effect.

These five trends will help build a versatile and timeless wardrobe, without comprising on the fashion front. So, get out of the comfort zone, try new things and express yourself through fashion.

Trend is an ever-changing factor, but style is eternal. Oscar Schoffler, longtime fashion editor for Esquire once said, “Never underestimate the power of what you wear. After all, there’s just a small bit of yourself sticking out at the collar and cuff. The rest of the world sees what you drape on your frame.”

(The author is creative director, lifestyle
business, Raymond